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 with the face

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with the face
the desert flowers will grow to four special episode did not advance to tell, I packed clothes moved into Ziqi hut. I think I was definitely upset that all her plans birkenstock outlet and ideas. She never thought I would live to her go. The report of the results in advance that she would not necessarily agree. I have been back to birkenstock her more than decide that this, my high aspirations, not help her. I bluntly told her the status of the company, Zi Qi has been soft-hearted, I am really successful burglary, and accounted for her to curl her sofa bed. I got up and carried her to bed several times to come. I was swept out of the fear she felt angry, and after several agonizing, I slowly fell asleep. Morning and into the bathroom, Alarmed by the two bright red face, "bastard." I almost threw the cup anger. Increasingly ignore my dignity, more lawless. I started to clean face. For as before, must carry her back to her meal was a good play and rap, nothing wrong will not spare her. But now Well, I looked in the mirror revealed the Luya. Waiting for her to marry me, I have time to slowly pack up her life. I looked in the mirror with satisfaction reveal their own grim smile. I have a firm hold of her seven inches, he was thirty and she immediately, her experience and experience they could not match for me. Thought of this, my heart Youteng her. After a fall of twenty-ninth birthday, Ziqi to thirty older young women into the ranks. I have three-year-old before she gave her a home. I pull her hand back to the Su River, through the town streets, and my heart suddenly think it fourteen years ago with her hand to go home. She gave that big Mulou Juanzi. We can still remember the home. Juanzi husband is a Zhixing Zi, might listen to me and Ziqi Juanzi said something, he shook his head at me and said: "City people do not understand you, how much trouble." Juanzi and Ziqi while leaving He patted my shoulder and said: "Brother, I'll teach you to sing love songs to sing Ziqi you listen, and she nods Guarantee m birkenstock shoes arry you right away." I'm shocked, sing love songs? 'll Sing local love songs? I wanted to laugh, I Yun Yi thirty-three years to show the woman never sang love songs. In this way, I shook my head. Juanzi husband quick temper, can not I do not agree, softly singing together. I finished with one end of wine: "on this tune to the word, remember? Hear me sing it again?" I laugh and cry. But curiosity is not really so effective. Croon again, Juanzi husband of a pound the table: "For myself! Is so, remember a certain sing her, assure her to marry you." My mother said something to the Ziqi, hesitated, the gentle singing played a love song. I am ashamed, so a big man with the mountains, chasing small young girl sing love songs generally Aberdeen. I saw Ziqi eyes widened in surprise, tears streaming birkenstock sandals takes a river like the Soviet Union, I have a bit proud. Loss did not expect her to talk but I sing bad, I finally summon the courage to full into anger. I simply sing out loud. Anyway, I do not spend a lifetime in the mountains, and no subordinates birkenstocks and friends present. What am I afraid? Ziqi go out into the hills turn laid down, I worry about, so hard mouth of the songs are sung, and she refused? I catch up, did not think she should sing aloud and. I am shocked, I then know how to sing love songs of the beauty of the mountains, I really appreciate Juanzi husband, was so damn useful! Ziqi wearing that embroidered Yinyi standing in the room, the sun shines on the Yin Yi on Yao bursts of light, she is like the sun came out from the fairy. Akira I fainted. Akira found to be quite a while to groom me more than halo. About a room full of urban youth have never seen such a beautiful bride, those women ran from me, the first step to touch her clothes. I shoved awake, and my heart full of joy swelling up, this is me! Zi Qi is mine! I only hope that she belongs to me alone, to hide her beauty, when a Huanglian Po best. Ziqi very accurate. My wedding night sleep sofa. But the wolf has been my wake up, I tear the mouth to laugh, I had wanted to eat her. Do not know her know what I think will not regret it, but, sorry no good. She is my wife a chess exhibition cloud.
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with the face
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