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 Hu Fu Archery

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Hu Fu Archery

Xiaoshui let us return for a fourth century BC, Mengchang that bizarre, wrong "foreign war road map" to be launched right before the implementation of the State of Zhao. Zhao, who at the time - dating back 2,300 years ago - can be hard, when they journey, traveling to the North, it is possible to encounter the nomadic tribes. So they must be reminded that take the Z-shaped line, keep moving as much as possible the state, because the moving target would be subjected to birkenstock less Lengjian. If he had to stay in a dangerous area, Zhao choosing the most Black people know the place, and stand as much as possible between different objects, for example, if you need to feed the horses, the best coach and horses stand between devices , and bent over my eyes in order to reduce the body height. If Zhao in an empty area of the shooting was a nomadic people, they will Juansuo body posture to birkenstock sandals scroll left, and then with the fastest speed of the Z-shaped trot and hid near the hide, in order to find non-nomadic Colts to him. These annoying people can not be anti-anti-nomadic people, large is - "Lin Hu, Lou Fan," and "East Hu." At first, Zhao, Han, three sub-Jin Wei, Zhao points won in the middle of Shanxi, and Hebei Province, Handan southern region. Later, no shirt and grabbed Zhao, Hebei Province in the Midwest to generation. This home position, making the northern nomadic tribes of Zhao and home is adjacent to the phase, that is Xi Rong, Bei Di, but this is a generic, they are subdivided into different tribes, living in the mountains and undulating hills, and more are in the vast plump prairie, perennial in herding, hunting, Xian in the riding and shooting. These tribes to the Warring States Period and haunted Zhao north known as "Lin Hu, Loufan, East Hu", collectively known as the history of the three HU, located in Shanxi, Hebei, the northern part of the territory of their own, until the north line of Inner Mongolia. The soil suitable for livestock. Hu often Zongqi three south of Zhao anti-harassment, looting and goods. They dressed in jacket, trousers, and gird belts, boots, pedal, wearing birkenstock outlet a bird feathers, good archers, and flexible operations, advance and retreat rapidly. Grazing birkenstock shoes grasslands, horse bolted, the horse developed a mature technology and Hu Renxian rugged physique. "Those round hips decisions based on their spindly legs of a horse laden with the masters of maneuvering toward the lawn sprinkling SOYBEAN diffuse Zhao tanks sprang like ." This is our three northern Zhao Hu looting, Zhao people fight back scene reverie. When the "three Hu" Knight wrinkled by the wind like a line off the endless grasslands in the move, even called "Yong Wu Renxia, debauchery Excursion" tough guy who can look Zhao grass disappointed, because their combat clothing is: width neckline, waist fat, big hem, long sleeves and wide (it is lined), together with ligation of the outside of birkenstocks the heavy cumbersome armor, the whole body is basically a thick one, the bloated like a Santa Claus, so what dance chasing sprint , the game Mobei it. Zhao Hu in back three often suffer when the invasion. The small barbarian practice riding and shooting, so skilled in plunder. According to Sima Qian said, "
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Hu Fu Archery
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