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 Wherever the number

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Wherever the number

Wherever the number seven occurs, or any number into which seven may be multiplied, "Buz!" must MBT Shoes Clearance be used instead of that number. Such are the numbers Any one mentioning any number with seven in it instead of " Buz!" or calling out of her turn, or naming a wrong number, must pay a forfeit. After she MBT Shoes has paid her forfeit, she calls out, " One!" and so it goes round again to the left, by which means each has to say a different number. When by a Httle practice the circle get as high as seventyone, then "Buzone!" "Buztwo!" &c. must be used; and for seventyseven, "Buzbuz!" and so on. If the person whose turn it is to speak delays longer than while any one of the circle can moderately count five, she must pay a forfeit.Little girls amuse themselves a good deal with this game. In this country, I believe it is called "Making Cheeses but in France they call it tfie HenCoop. It consists in spinning round to the right rapidly for a minute; then stopping very suddenly, at the same moment bending the limbs a little, and extending the arms, in order to balance the body. The gown, inflated by the wind, will stand out in the shape of a hencoop; therefore I think the French name is the most appropriate. After the little girl has paused a minute, she spins round to the left, and produces the same eflect. Sometimes a great many play MBT it together. One, who stands apart, claps her hands as a signal for them to begin; and if they all keep time in whirling round, and all form their hencoops atonce, it makes a very pretty sort of dance. Those who donot succeed in making a hencoop, or who do not form it till the others have done, must pay a forfeit. The girl who gives the signal, and who is called the chicken, decides about this. Sometimes half of a company will play, while the other half »ook on and judge the game. In this case, the chickens and J the hencOops take turns.This is not unlike the last. One little girl kneels down in the centre of a circle, while her companions raise her robe over her head, and hold it in such a way that it resembles a hencoop bottom upwards.
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Wherever the number
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