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 The gown is called the

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The gown is called the Empty
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The gown is called the

The gown is called the Tower, and the little girls who hold it are called Stones. One stands apart from the circle, and is called the Enemy. When the game begins, the enemy comes up and sings, " Where is pretty Margaret ? Where is pretty Margaret gone ?" The one who is kneeling answers, " She MBT Shoes is shut up in her tower." The enemy asks, " Cannot I come in ?" The stones reply, " No, you must carry away the tower." The enemy takes one little girl by the hand, and leads her away, saying, M Won't it do to take away one stone ?" They answer, " No, you must take the whole tower." He then leads away the second, and asks, "Will not two stones do?" He receives the same»eply. Then be leads away a MBT Shoes Clearance third aod % fourth, alter tin same fashion, until finally there is hut one remains; she hold: the gown folded in her hands, and as soon as the enemy turns, from her, she drops it on the head of pretty Margaret, and runs.Margaret jumps up and runs after her. They all jom in the chase; and the first one the enemy can catch, must take his place for the next game. Any one that gets caught before they have run round the room once, pays a forfeitFour little girls each hold the corner of a handkerchief. One standing by says. " Hold fast!" and then they must all drop. the corners they are holding. When she says, " Let go P they must be sure and keep hold. Those who fail to do tins, must pay a lonen.This is a favourite game among children. One stands up m a chair, who m called the " Grand MBT Mutti.' He makes whatever motion he pleases, such as puttmg his hand on his heart, stretching oat his arm, smiting his forehead, making up a sorrowful faee, &c. At each motion he says, " Thus says the Grand lluftiJ" or,So says the Grand Mufti!" When he says,TAicrsayt the Grand Mufti I" every one must make just such a motion as he does : but when he says, " So says the Grand Mufti I" every one must keep still. A forfeit for a mistake.the players but one are placed in a circle; that one ' remains outside to hunt the slipper, which is passed from hand to hand very rapidly in the circle. The hunter cannot judgewiiere it is, oecaiise an uie Biavers Keen meir nanas moving all the time, as if they were passing n.
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The gown is called the
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