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 The one m whose hands

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The one m whose hands Empty
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The one m whose hands

The one m whose hands it is caught becomes the hunter, and pays a forfeit, If the company is sufficiently numerous, it is better to have two circles, one within another, sitting lace to face, resting on » their feet, with their knees bent forward so as to meet each other; in this way a sort of concealed arch is formed, through which the shpper may be passed unperceived. There should oe two sufirni onenmsrs m tne circle, erne on. one sine, ana me other opposite. When the slipper is passing through these openings, ine waver wno passessnouia tan it on tne noor. to let the hunter know where it is. She springs to seize it; but it is flying round so rapidly, and ail hands are MBT moving sofast, that she loses it, and in less than an instant, perhaps, she hears it tapping on the other side. This game may be played rudely, and it may be played politely. If little girls are rude, they are in great danger of knocking each other down in try mg to catch the slipper: for squatting upon their feet, as they do in this game, they easily lose their balance. It is best for the hunter never to try to catch the slipper except at the two openings in the circle; then there is no danger of tumbling each other down. Some prefer playing this game with a thimble or a marble, because it is not so likely to be seen as a slipper. If any one happens to drop the slipper in passing it, she must pay a forfeit.All the company are seated in a circle, each one holding a ribbon which passes all round. An ivory ring is slipped along the ribbon; and while all hands are in motion, the hunter in the centre must find where it is, if he can. The one with whom it is caught becomes the hunter.Two little girls stand with their arms raised, so as to form an arch. The rest of the company arrange themselves in a file, each taking hold of the next one's gown: in this manner they pass through the arch, singing," Open the gates sky MBT Shoes Clearance high,And let King George's troops pass by I"By suddenly lowering the arches, MBT Shoes the last one is caught; and onHss she answers promptly any question put to her, she pay a forfeit
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The one m whose hands
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