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beast/b2st lobely beast/b2st cute beast/b2st smile beast/b2st vô đối beast/b2st no1 beast/b2st number1 beast/b2st/b2st/b2st/b2st... .::::::luV beast :::::::. trung thành..... big big big Kpop ZZZEEEEE
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 It is a very formidable creature,

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It is a very formidable creature, Empty
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It is a very formidable creature,
It is a very formidable creature, the largest of them measuring frequently from ten to fourteen feet in length, and weighing from twelve to sifteen hundred pounds. It is found in great numbers in the seas of Kamtfchatka, and on the coast of Patagonia. It has a large head, long thick whiskers, and the neck and shoulders of the male are covered with long waving hair. The colour is commonly a deep brown. These animals, like the other phoc, are gregarious ; each male tiffany & co outlet retaining from twenty to thirty females. tiffany and co outlet
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True Religion OutletThey have all a sierce aspect, and make a horrible roar 6a Dog Kind. ing; tiffany jewelry outlet but, on the approach of men, commonly seek for security in the deep. THE DOG KIND. This is a large genus of animals, furnished with six cutting and two canine teeth in each jaw, sive toes before aud four behind, and having the tail bent towards the left; which last property is the usual characteristic of the whale kind. Of the canine tribe, the dog indisputably claims the, preeminence, being at once the most intelligent and tiffany outlet the most friendly to man, of all quadrupeds. Independently of the beauty of his form, his vivacity, force, docility, and swistness, he is possessed of all those complacent qualities, which are most likely to conciliate the affection of men. Long domesticated, and tiffany sale familiar with human society, he scarcely retains a trait of his savage state ; and seems to have no higher ambition than that of pleasing and being serviceable. He is not only faithful and attached to his master beyond all example in other animals, but he is ever the friend of his friend, and enters into all his predilections and animosities. He is the True Religion Outlet companion of his vacant hour, the promoter of his pastime, the defender of his property, and his unalterable adherent, both in prosperous and adverse fortune. The original wild dog is now utterly unknown in the old continent; but in America tiffany and co outlet there are numbers, which although sirst introduced by Europeans, have now become savage ; and these shew what the animal would be, were it not reclaimed by man. They hunt in packs, attack everv animal they are likely to master; and thus give a loose to their natural appetite of rapine and cruelty. They are easily tamed, however, and by kindness soon become sensible of attachment and submission ; a proof that the dog was originally designed to be a friend, not an enemy to man ; to help, not to injure or contend.
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It is a very formidable creature,
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