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beast/b2st lobely beast/b2st cute beast/b2st smile beast/b2st vô đối beast/b2st no1 beast/b2st number1 beast/b2st/b2st/b2st/b2st... .::::::luV beast :::::::. trung thành..... big big big Kpop ZZZEEEEE
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 This beautiful and majestic

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This beautiful and majestic
This beautiful and majestic animal is now nearly extinct in the only country that ever produced it; being reduced, if we are rightly informed, to a male and two females in the possession of the Earl of Altamont. As wolves are no longer to be found in Ireland, we need wonder the less that the breed has been so much neglected. According to Buffon, this variety was the true moloffian dog of antiquity. THE DANISH DOG. This dog bears a close resemblance to the mastiff, except that its head and body are larger and more slender. It carries its tail turned up, and has a large prominent forehead. Of this kind, perhaps, were the dogs of Epirus, mentioned by Aristotle, and those of Albania, described by Pliny. tiffany and co outlet
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True Religion OutletTHE MASTIFF. Britain was formerly so famous for this noble breed of dogs, that the Roman emperors maintained certain officers in True Religion Outlet this island, whose sole employment it was to train these animals for tiffany outlet the Combats of the amphitheatre. Dr. Caius, who wrote in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, affirms, that three Englifh maitiffs are a match for a bear, and four for a lion. From an experiment, however, made in the tower by King James I. it was found, that a lion was an unequal match tiffany & co outlet for only three of tiffany jewelry outlet them; for, though two of the dogs were difabled in the conflict, the third put the lion to flight. This is a very sierce, strong, and savage creature, frequently seizing or biting without giving any notice of his approach. He is peculiar to this island; but, since the favage sport of bullbeating has given way to more resined pastimes, the breed has become scarce. Humanity is almost prompted to indulge a wish that the kind may become utterly extinct. While one of the species remains, it will recal the disgraceful remembrance of vulgar barbarifm, and perpetuate the stigma of our once tasteless amusements and cruel manners. THE TERRIER. This is a faithful, fagacious creature, of material use to sportsmen, and much esteemed as a vigilant domestic guard. As the caprices of mankind fluctuate, some varieties of dogs become fashionable, while others fall into decay. The terrier has been, for some time tiffany sale past, of great estimation, in this island ; and from a wish to tiffany and co outlet improve the old breed, considerable pains have been takea to raise a spotted variety,

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This beautiful and majestic
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